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Just 3 days to AFA.MY

And I’m not that hype up like I was last year when Kalafina came to Singapore last year… while I guess if there are tickets left (there usually are…) I’ll buy it when the concert starts haha because I will try not to miss KOTOKO.

But wow it’s actually cool that we have like Japanese artist, cosplayers and popular Korean cosplayers like Tasha and Miyuko landing our Malaysian shores. Never thought we would imagine this would be so soon.

But well here is it! So is first AFA.MY. The feeling hasn’t sunk in me yet! But can’t wait to meet up with awesome cosplayer friends, even the Malaysian YT, friends, see what merchandise they have in store and many more. Oh yes see what are the hopeful Malaysians participating AFA Regional Championship!

Am preparing myself and storing some energy for Culture Night Japan on Monday as well so as to not be tired at he end. Need to leave on Monday though.

Also picking up my  groove to REALLY blog here more. No more laziness I suppose.

ALSO I’m excited to meet my Singaporean friends coming. Some whom I never met in real life before XDDDD

Oh yes before I go.

AFA Day 1 : Pending (unsure)

AFA Day 2 : Aladdin from MAGI 

See you guys there!

AFA now hitting Malaysia! + MGCCon

Finally the biggest ACG event is now in Malaysia! Awesome, although the main event will always be in Singapore (still November , same venue). It’s really exciting to see a huge event to hit our Malaysian shores!

Can’t wait to see who the guest appearances are, activities and many more. Hopefully we’ll even have a mini concert and they’ll bring in awesome goodies from Japan!

For those who are from overseas, please do come along. We would really love to see more ACG enthusiasts from other countries.

Anyways what will you be looking forward to at AFA.MY?


EDIT : Just when I posted this entry. I just found out about another event.


The Malaysia Gaming and Comic Convention (MGCCon)

The Malaysia Gaming and Comic Convention (MGCCon) will be the largest comic and game-related convention in South East Asia. Along with helping to grow the appreciation of one of the world’s most popular story-telling mediums, the MGCCon will be creating opportunities for the showcasing of both international and local talent and content.

Date: 19th and 20th May 2012
Venue: KDU University College (Petaling Jaya campus)

Taken from the website. Believe it or not. Alodia is coming to Malaysia again after her guest appearance at recent Animax Anime Festival held in One Utama just recently.

Cosplay Thoughts : 150 cosplays a year?!

My goodness. A photog friend of mine Raz linked me to this Korean cosplayer. And holy crap that was what she DID a ONE year. My mind went bonkers. I’ve heard of people doing 44-50 a year in China and that alone is normal and average. BUT 150 shoots?? OH MY GOODNESS. (and for your info.. in my country for me to do 30 shoots is considered TOO much even for our pace!). And oh nooo her shoots does not only come quantity. It comes in QUALITY. FREAKY? I kid you not.

130 cosplays (not including total shoots) by Korean cosplayer Miyoaldy.

Being in this hobby for some time, It’s like everyday you discovered something new about it. Well that’s one of the reasons why I’m STILL in this hobby. It’s so diverse and unique in a sense where everything can be unpredictable something and the things they do to achieve what they want. Bad? Good? Both I can say.

Was chatting with Shiro about this and apparently he told me it’s SO normal for them to do that much over there because their cosplay community in China is super competitive. In a way cosplay becomes a business over there. Selling artbooks, opening wig shops and doing cosplay performances. Not to mention, cheaper resources, faster delivery and awesome beautiful locations. And bonus points for being extra hardworking.

Again. This make me wonder if this is a good thing. Knowing that cosplay is something done out of passion and we’re not suppose to earn from it. Well like it or not COSPLAY has evolved into something more, like WCS and cosplay idols. I do think it’s interesting if cosplay becomes a business but it can be a huge downfall as well. It can become a task and a lot of costumes are done without passion and it’s not exactly a huge moneymaking industry anyways unless you’re like Alodia, who is like one in a million. Wait are there even a million cosplayers in the first place?

Sure it’s awesome to be making money and loving what you do. But what if in the future, the love is taken out of it, and all you left is the job. Then this passion and love will go down the drain? I do think it’ll be a sad outlook for this hobby.

End up I would always say, cosplay is a subjective hobby these days. There is no black and white written rule and there isn’ t proper textbook about it.  But it’ll be nice if people are educated about what this hobby represents and where their origins before jumping into it. But nothing beats a costume that is crafted from the heart, a strong love the character, from top to toe.. with passion..then heading off to events and just let yourself loose and achieve the feeling that you want in your photos. Oh and also meeting like-minded people that shares the same sentiments with you of course. I do think that’s when you’re the happiest :D Well at least that’s for me.

But I guess different people have different milestones and achievements that they want aim in this hobby. Good luck to y’all!!

welcome to my blog!

Currently my blog is under construction! But no worries i’ll post something soon!

Anyways the event i just attended was Comic Fiesta. The biggest ACG event in Malaysia.



Here is a cosplay preview of what I did!

DAY 1 ; Sound Horizon – Marchen

My full group!

DAY 2 ; Personification of Baskin Robbins Cosplay

I’m cosplaying the little baker boy hehe. My group members were all delicious <3

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